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Hi, I'm Bill Eager. WELCOME to our website and thank you for stopping by! 

I've been helping people with their insurance and finanacial needs since 2003. I want you to know that I am dedicated to helping you get the insurance or financial plan that is EXACTLY right for you! You know that like anything else there is no perfect plan, but there is almost always a plan that is BEST suited for you! A plan with benefits and a price that fits!  




If it can be done, together we will find that plan. And as you dedicated broker I and my associates will be there to help you continue to get value from your coverage going forward for the long haul.  

What we do is provide FREE ADVICE and GUIDANCE and deliver valuable, properly selected plans fro the LOWEST AVAILABLE PRICE ANYWHERE!

                                                                                                                                Helping families get quality insurance and Financial solutions since 2003, William B. Eager & Associates is dedicated to identifying what is Right for you and your loved ones! We help you know what questions to ask, so you can be confident that you are covering all the bases. After all... it is your health and financial welfare that we are talking about!

We at William B. Eager & Associates are committed to excellence in helping you choose solutions for your and your family's future. And you can be confident that we work with only the finest insurance carriers.


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